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What is the most tax efficient way of drawing money from my buinsess?


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Success Stories :
The Prospera Millionaires Program
The Millionaire Program is an effective tool to help you to increase your Net Worth. At Prospera, we define Net Worth as an increase in your financial assets and personal self worth so that you can make a bigger difference in the world. Creating personal prosperity is the goal, Creating a better world by using these assets wisely is the ultimate goal in making our world a better place.

Here are a few examples of how we have helped selected clients meet their goals. These are real life examples but names and careers have been changed to protect client privacy.
The Gen Xers Kick Butt
Brian and Maria are 35 and have just had their first child. Maria works for a large Oil Company in Calgary in an administrative role and makes $40,000 a year. Brian is self employed, also working in the oil patch...
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Midlife Crisis Creates Opportunity
Ken and his wife Tracy (both approaching 40 fast) came to Prospera to discuss financial planning and their desire to appease their mid life crisis by buying their hearts desire, a convertible BMW, price tag $80,000...
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It's Not About How Big It Is!
Building substantial personal financial assets is not dependant on the size of your income or how much you will inherit from a wealthy uncle. It is not even about winning the lottery...
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