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What is the most tax efficient way of drawing money from my buinsess?


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Need some tax information to help you reduce your personal tax. Looking for answers to your questions about RRSP rules. Can’t understand what to write off in your company. You will find many of the answers in these tips. If not email us at and we will get back to you with solutions to your own tax query.

Personal Tax
There may be several good tax programs available to help you do your tax return but understanding the tax rules is still key to saving the most tax. Click here for some of the most commonly asked questions on personal tax.

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Still on of the best was to save for retirement, RRSP’s can be used as part of your Millionaire Program. Click here for the low down on the benefits of RRSP’s.

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Business Tax
Questions about deductions, use of vehicle for business, employee versus contractor. These articles answer some of the most commonly asked questions for the business owner.

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Forms and Publications
This links you to the Canadian Revenue Agency website and the myriad of forms and useful publications on all things tax:

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